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Away from the noise of the crowd and the pollution of the city, you can leave behind the bustling routine and open your hearts to new feelings and sensations. The atmosphere at "Couleurs Berberes” brings the people together thus being a perfect place for seminars, meetings, conferences, incentives and other events.

An amphitheater with the capacity of 450 people, that can be a meeting area for a corporate event or a seminar, a space for entertainment, a dance floor or whatever your needs may be. The floor is a giant chessboard. The space has its own bar area for discoteques with sound and lighting systems.

In the center of the circle of tents there is a blossoming lush circular garden with lawn, roses and rosemary bushes, illuminated with traditional Moroccan lanterns at nighttime. Ambiance music is played in the tents area and in the amphitheatre. The sun rises behind the mountains and sets on the landscapes behind the property.

The grand beduine tent (length 16 m/width 9m/height 2.5 m to 5 m) is a part of the circle formed by the tents, paved and tiled, the ground is covered with beautiful handmade Berber rugs. The tent can hold up to 150 people; it has an iron structure to insure stability and security. The tent is normally used as a restaurant/catering area, but can also be used for meetings and various other activities. The tent is equipped with multiple electrical plugs in the interior and exterior to plug sound and light equipments.

Proximity to the mountains and the Berber villages offer the possibility to organize different outings: the tracks are accessible to everyone with various difficulty levels.

There are 2 buildings of 1000 m2 each arranged as two restaurants with a capacity of 150 each, a leisure room and a dancehall. Our large multiporpose pergolas are convenient for catering(coffee breaks, etc.)

There are 3 large rooms of 180m˛ each, with a 650 person total capacity, adjustable in 2 subcommittee rooms. The rooms can be set to fit your needs: theater, U shape, school, etc. The rooms form a U shape around a pergola that can hold up to 500 people: perfect for the coffee breaks, privatized catering service, etc.

Between the two restaurants there is a two-level kitchen: an underground level for storage and cold rooms, equipment, etc. while the ground level is a professional kitchen area arranged to host Moroccan cooking classes.

Clean and tiled restaurant halls with comfortable chairs, table clothes, napkins, and quality tableware

A central camp fire in the middle of a 20m diameter paved circle, dug 1,5 m. deep with a capacity of 350. The steps form a round amphitheater, a cozy area around the fire. The fire is surrounded by a wrought iron openwork structure for protection of the charcoal fragments in case of wind.

The tents offer 20m˛ of space, they are all fixed, secure and waterproof, equipped with mosquito nets on the windows and A/C with a decorative cotton fabric covering the inside and a frame of iron consolidating the template of the tent. The tent frame is buried in a slab, providing insurance and immobility. On the exterior of the frame it is covered with an authentic Bedouin cloth made of goat wool fiber, which makes them hermetic.

Each room is provided with comfortable bedding: 190/90 cm mattress, wooden bed frame, organic cotton towels (small and large sizes) and bed sheets, Berber handmade blankets and carpets, a small traditional mosaic night stand and a lantern with an electric bulb and 2 electric plugs.

An area of 7 hectares with a complete electric installation: a 160 kW transformer, a 30 kW generator, in case of electrical shortage. This is to make your stay at our venue comfortable and pleasant all year round, enjoying the four seasons.

In front of the grand tent there is an esplanade with a bar to accommodate coffee breaks, open bars, but also a perfect area to relax, dance, celebrate an event or set a giant screen for projection.

Welcome drink around the campfire - a personalized event with local folklore

Local folklore Houmada

Dancefloor with its own bar area for discoteques with sound and light systems.

Leisure Room

American Billiards

Baby foot

Home cinema

Choreography Contest
A dance battle

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