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Nautical Activities at the lake of Takerkoust nearby Couleurs Berberes resort
All the vehicles work with bioethanol* thus adhering to the sustainable development plan of the region
Jet Ski, Watercrafts, Motor Boats, Banana Boats, Ski Tubes and Towables, Wakeboard

Only 30 minutes away from Marrakech nearby the resort come discover watercrafts at the lake of Takerkoust!
With the stunning scenery at the foothills of the snowy mountains of the High Atlas enjoy the joys of jet skiing and various water sports on the Lake of Takerkoust, a picturesque site by the resort. You will be dazzled by the magnificent view of the High Atlas, all white in winter and colourfull in summertime.
The lake of Takerkoust with a length of 7 km has the perfect conditions of all kinds of water sports. This unique nautical base has its own private sand beach and welcomes beginners as well as experienced amateurs. Note that no licence is needed to ride these watercrafts and you are riding your Jet Ski!!!


The Lake Takerkoust, previously called Cavagnac, dates back from the time of the French protectorate. The body of water is several square kilometers.It is possible to swim in the waters of this artificial lake and you can go jet skiing, boating and sunbathing with the High Atlas in the background! The views from the shores of Takerkoust are simply magnificent! Guided walks and explorations in groups around the Lake of Takerkoust are also available with the possibility of the mentioned nautical activities.


The Instructors
The activities are practiced under the supervision of professional instructors trained and certified by the Royal Moroccan Federation of Jet Ski. The instructor on his jet is always near to help with a "walkie-talkie" to ensure the smooth running of the ride. After wearing the lifejacket a briefing safety is conducted during which the safety and navigation rules are explained as well as some tips on riding the watercraft. Once on the water you will discover the joys of skiing with speed and long and tight turns.

We propose Yamaha type nautical equipment with a wide range of power engines: 
Cylindré : 1000 cc. 
Cylindré : 1100 cc. 
Cylindré : 1800 cc.

Bioethanol is a form of renewable energy that can be produced from agricultural feedstocks. Bioethanol has a number of advantages over conventional fuels. It comes from a renewable resource i.e. crops and not from a finite resource and the crops it derives from can grow well (like cereals, sugar beet and maize). Another benefit over fossil fuels is the greenhouse gas emissions. The road transport network accounts for 22%  of all greenhouse gas emissions and through the use of bioethanol, some of these emissions will be reduced as the fuel crops absorb the CO2 they emit through growing.By encouraging bioethanol’s use, the rural economy would also receive a boost from growing the necessary crops. Bioethanol is also biodegradable and far less toxic that fossil fuels. In addition, by using bioethanol in engines can help reduce the amount of carbon monoxide produced by the vehicle thus improving air quality.

Booking in advance
AXA Insurance covers the civil responsability

Additional services
JET ATLAS provides a shuttle (round trip) for individuals(from 4 participants) who booked at least a ˝ hour activity (capacity of the minibus: 8 seats).
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